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Tongue Diseases: Tongue Color tells about your Health

Know about the tongue diseases through the color of your tongue.

The tongue is an important part of our body. But often we do not give our tongue as much importance as other parts of the body. 

Scientific research has claimed that taking care of the tongue is very important for a healthy life. In a study done in Australia, dentists have said that even a slight change in the color of the tongue can be a sign of many diseases.

Researches of Emergency Dentist Sydney have found in their study that common changes in the tongue such as white spots on the tongue, swelling of the tongue, bulge, and redness are the former signs of many diseases. 

According to Emergency Dentist Sydney researchers, if white patches occur on the tongue, or it starts to look red like strawberries or there are unusual bumps and pain, then doctors should be contacted immediately.

Tongue disease

White spots signs of leukoplakia ( One of the tongue diseases)

Usually, the tongue should be pinkish. There are 9000 buds on the tongue, which identify different flavors, taste, sourness, sweetness, etc. 

But if the bulge in these buds becomes excessive and it does not end even after many days, then it can be a sign of danger. According to the researchers, if white spots appear in the tongue, it is a sign of leukoplakia disease. 

It is usually caused by yeast infection. The disease is caused by tobacco and excessive drinking. If these spots do not go beyond one week, a doctor should be contacted immediately.

Your Tongue is not Healthy if it is Excessive Red

Usually, small rashes occur on the tongue and end on its own, but if it is not finished, it can be herpes infection (a type of skin disease). 

Similarly, if the tongue starts looking red like a strawberry, then it is an infection. After a few days, the tongue begins to have difficulty in taste recognition. If the problem continues for a long time then scarlet fever can occur.

If there is a slight swelling in the tongue while sipping tea or coffee and if the tongue does not heal on its own, it can be harmful. For this, ice should be applied on the tongue. If there is no improvement in the condition then it is necessary to go to the doctor.

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